Check Out our Audi Partners

Audi Club of North America - The Audi Club North America is the largest association of Audi owners in the world, with a membership of approximately 10,000 owners worldwide.  If you are a member, you are automatically a member of the Audi Badger Chapter.

Audi USA Official Site - See all Audi models and learn all about the features and options you'll need to include in your next purchase.

The Audi Enthusiast Website - They cover all things Audi - everything from model news to road tests to show coverage to motorsports to technical articles (and a lot more inbetween).

Fourtitude - An Audi enthusiast website featuring daily news and features.  Foutitude stands for the 4 ring Audi Logo, the quattro all-wheel drive (quattro is Italian for 4), the 4 brands forming Auto Union and the benchmark A4/S4 models.

Audi Motorsport - The Audi Motorsport website has information about all Audi racing activities around the world.  Check out the Audi Sport Magazine.

Audi Encounter - This is an outstanding website from Audi Global Communications - Encounter.  It is the online Audi Technology Magazine. 


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